Monday, March 23, 2015


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PART 2!!!!

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Bumpy flights, opal, black death, risotto, waterfalls, glaciers, wolf girls, swipe right……The boston, gull, brio, laundry, uno, whale sashimi, horse,puffin, way too many hot dogs, more waterfalls, more hotdogs, beautiful women, the red jellybean, don't get stuck…Oh well, we did! JJolene, Dolly, no type, Chuck Norris, these are boots, damn I need boots, Kaffina, 3's company, wolf girls!! Did I mention wolf girls? Trap on the snow, reindeers crossing, waxy pens, designed yarn, warm water, cold water, art, clean design,. Did I mention wolf girls?…..laughs upon laughs, breathtaking scenery, skee-ball, twerking and spilling wine….yeh I said twerk…I can live here right? Salmon Tartar, 5 hours turns to 6 to 7, Anon DID HE DO IT?, The dryer, the laughs, the geysers, boiled rocks and volcanic ash, mutton jerky, head cheese sandwiches, breakfast in bed, horses do run wild, 37 what a fucking year……Black beaches!!! We chased the lights. We missed them. Really Hungover went..Where did you go….??? We hiked, the wind blew. We found you pool!!!! We found you!!!! I left a little behind in Iceland. I left a beautiful place that I have yet to finish exploring. I fell in love with a surreal adventure. We almost conquered it. I'll see you soon Iceland!!!! BJORK I get it now!!!  photo 69_zpsfy376fwb.jpg  photo 82_zpsklcuj8k6.jpg  photo 61_zpseyn9l68e.jpg  photo 56_zpssfrqve7q.jpg  photo 50_zpstcri4gj1.jpg  photo 45_zpssuxsoqkn.jpg  photo 26_zpsldnn7umv.jpg  photo 21_zps0ljf3r0s.jpg  photo 19_zpspkfbcujb.jpg  photo 101_zpsrheluni4.jpg  photo 57_zpspkrpwzj4.jpg  photo 46_zpsabchuiyy.jpg  photo 35_zpsbqahsxbb.jpg  photo 12_zpsc8tb29bb.jpg  photo 25_zpszlsw83t3.jpg  photo 20_zpspjcyiuv9.jpg  photo 103_zpssrwcl74w.jpg  photo 11_zpsqo3njax1.jpg

Thursday, October 16, 2014

BIG DEE.....

 photo dee_zpsdc3b46b8.jpg Sometimes your friends are a true inspiration.....This is one of those dudes!!!


 photo 20_zps718bb30e.jpg  photo 22_zps7869f68e.jpg  photo 24_zpsed769c1c.jpg  photo 21_zps006505b7.jpg  photo 23_zps2816f030.jpg SPACESHIP....??!!!....


 photo 10_zps15da9a9a.jpg  photo 19_zps1c1cacbf.jpg  photo 16_zpsa5bb7fd6.jpg  photo 18_zpsba5e036c.jpg  photo 5_zps58f1d624.jpg  photo 6_zpse7c0683e.jpg  photo 13_zps79d32064.jpg  photo 15_zps15b1298e.jpg A long awaited trip to the half motherland. A place where the Guinness and Jameson flow like water. A place not known for their cuisine. A land of freckled red heads that will steal your heart and their brothers will either knuckle you out or pass you a pint. I'm on my way to drinking all the Guinness in Ireland at the moment while avoiding eye contact with the local knuckleheads.  I'm also eating some of the worst food I've ever had, and reminds me of my nana pat's cooking. Everything seems have the same flavor profile and looks like the brown frown.  The Irish have a distinct style I might add, The Dublin uniform as I like to call it.  One consists of either an adidas windbreaker or sweatshirt, accompanied by trainer pants and a pair of runners. I've been staying away, but shit, these are my people. Then you have the neatly dressed bartender in a  white shirt and tie. He's the one you really have to watch out for. He will get you shlammered from the time you wake up til the time the bar closes. So I've heard.?!?!.. The women well..... The women have something that's is quite interesting. I find them attractive, but I'm also attracted to the freckled and pale type.  There are no shortage of watering holes in this dear city, but picking the right one can be a tough challenge. I'm not looking for the yuppie, pass me a pint with your loafers on. I'm looking for the old man chasing his pint with a whiskey at 11am kinda spot. The kinda spot where everyone is yelling and I can't understand a fucking word what anyone is saying even though it's English. Where the beef stew is in a pot at the end of the bar served in a dirty bowl. This is Probably why I have diarrhea, but that's another story. As I write this someone I think someone shit their pants at the bar. Hahahhhh I'm not even kidding. True story. Nasty ass...

Sunday, August 24, 2014


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In 1988 my next door neighbor used to come visit his father every summer and over the holidays from Texas. I used to watch him skate in front of the house for hours. But I never had the nerve to introduce myself to him. One day it happened. I got up the nerve and decided to go downstairs and meet him. We quickly became close friends. At the time I didn't have a board and he would let me roll around on his. His parents really spoiled him was and he would kinda rub it in my face that I didn't have one and get mad when I was riding his. I remember it like it was yesterday. A black Lance Mountain (the one with knight seal) Independent trucks and Bones wheels. When summer ended he returned to Carollton, Texas and knew I wouldn't see him again till the next holiday. After he left, I knew it was time to get my very own. I circled every combination I could possibly make within the budget I had at the time. Definitely couldn't get the Swiss bearings and had to stick with the German. For some reason one board stood out to me more than any other in this CCS catalog. I think maybe because it was his name or the aggressiveness of the graphic, but I knew at that moment I had to have it. My first real board was The infamous NATAS KAUPAS. It was the natural wood color with Black Gullwing trucks, Schmitt stick rails and a set of Black Powell Mini Rat Wheels with German Bearings. This was my first TRUE LOVE. Skateboarding was a little different back then. It was seen as rebellious activity. Most of the kids that I grew up skating with used it to get away from their shit households and their friends and tribe became their new family. We made a family from our love for skating. Over the years of skating I've made my best friends through it, traveled, experienced the wrong side of the tracks, late nights, laughs, beers, more beers, blood, sweat, tears, lost friends, celebrations, photos, sponsors, contests, more laughs, more beer, big pants , little pants,big wheels.little wheels, duct taped sneakers, long adventures, crazy women, music from every angle, more blood, more tears, cheers, the wind in my face, and 26 years of true love. From the first time I stepped on a board I knew what defined me. Until today I never really thought about how much it meant to me. Today I received my first skateboard again The infamous NATAS. Ive been on the hunt for this board for 15 years . This is my Holy Grail!! My church!! I held it in the hands for the first time in over 25 years and all the great, bad, amazing, trippy, and beautiful memories filled my mind and should once again I am reminded.........I FUCKING LOVE SKATEBOARDING.  photo natas_zps2a1dc67f.jpg

Friday, March 14, 2014

???!!!!???!!!ANGRY BIRDS

I dont agree with this..AT ALL...BUT it was definitely an experience...  photo 14_zpsa0c989cc.jpg


BUTTA PECAN RICANS!!! As I turn the big 26…..I mean 36????? 4 friends and I decided to fly to Puerto Rico for a few days…It has to be one of the best trips I've ever taken… Cold Medallas..Sana and the bathroom blues..Visiting El Batey and staring at my future self…I've got five on it Mr.Danny…So many shrimp I got Iodine poising.. Ceviche House..Hustling for beach chairs and slipping past security.. Hip Hop clubs and salsa dancing….while AUTO screams ALLAH..Old ruby….Cock fights!! So Insane!!!!! Forts and Sea Urchins…Weekend at Bernies….!!!!! LA perla...Mofongo, Ox Tail, Jerk Chicken, more Medalla, More Mofongo, Skirt Steak..Laughs, and more laughs…MR. DANNY..Anyone seen my phone or my stickers…Im out of stickers!!!! To my close friends I never want to come home…Til next year!!!!  photo 26_zps3335175a.jpg  photo 16_zpsdafc46c6.jpg  photo 17_zps3c4b0485.jpg  photo 19_zpsa6012694.jpg  photo 21_zpsba3dcba4.jpg  photo 22_zpsbd6e09db.jpg  photo 5_zps98693781.jpg  photo 11_zps971d56e2.jpg  photo 9_zps5754694a.jpg  photo 10_zps32e7a908.jpg  photo 18_zps15e4e9f8.jpg