Friday, January 25, 2008


days of old..the hornet was the mascot..we rode the monte of the carlo with flat black primer...eldebrock..airfilter..bringing snakes in backpackes while they escape in shop day i wil catch that huge bass off of dolly madison..and the day i did..i photographed it..with a skidz shirt..why i will never know..we..actually i chased the the early years of the croft before we ran it...plowing down beds of flowers..cruising the we were such rednecks....lowerd mr2s..hollywood fifteens..booming with that miami blaster sound..that still rattles the duster..that some say idled funny..kevin kelly...what a cool dude..damn chris what happened to you man..i miss you my man...i cant believe the crazy shit we saw..shoot that wolf...22 style..and little were my mutherfucker..but i was thankful for the white chicken nuggets you fuck..

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