Monday, March 4, 2013

Safe Travels....

 photo 85_zpsb1289c4c.jpg  photo 83_zpsb0dc3745.jpg  photo 84_zps8e749f2f.jpg  photo 79_zps802b66a0.jpg  photo 73-1_zps01525de7.jpg  photo 101_zpsb95f0f0e.jpg  photo 51-1_zps03226a77.jpg  photo 50-1_zpsde2efe44.jpg So my homie Smedium and I decided to fly to Germany in the dead of winter and get weird...Mission accomplished!!!! If I had to explain the trip in as little words as possible it would go something like this. Why did I wait this long!! Stoked...DONKEY CHAINS!!!!!

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