Monday, March 23, 2015


Bumpy flights, opal, black death, risotto, waterfalls, glaciers, wolf girls, swipe right……The boston, gull, brio, laundry, uno, whale sashimi, horse,puffin, way too many hot dogs, more waterfalls, more hotdogs, beautiful women, the red jellybean, don't get stuck…Oh well, we did! JJolene, Dolly, no type, Chuck Norris, these are boots, damn I need boots, Kaffina, 3's company, wolf girls!! Did I mention wolf girls? Trap on the snow, reindeers crossing, waxy pens, designed yarn, warm water, cold water, art, clean design,. Did I mention wolf girls?…..laughs upon laughs, breathtaking scenery, skee-ball, twerking and spilling wine….yeh I said twerk…I can live here right? Salmon Tartar, 5 hours turns to 6 to 7, Anon DID HE DO IT?, The dryer, the laughs, the geysers, boiled rocks and volcanic ash, mutton jerky, head cheese sandwiches, breakfast in bed, horses do run wild, 37 what a fucking year……Black beaches!!! We chased the lights. We missed them. Really Hungover went..Where did you go….??? We hiked, the wind blew. We found you pool!!!! We found you!!!! I left a little behind in Iceland. I left a beautiful place that I have yet to finish exploring. I fell in love with a surreal adventure. We almost conquered it. I'll see you soon Iceland!!!! BJORK I get it now!!!  photo 69_zpsfy376fwb.jpg  photo 82_zpsklcuj8k6.jpg  photo 61_zpseyn9l68e.jpg  photo 56_zpssfrqve7q.jpg  photo 50_zpstcri4gj1.jpg  photo 45_zpssuxsoqkn.jpg  photo 26_zpsldnn7umv.jpg  photo 21_zps0ljf3r0s.jpg  photo 19_zpspkfbcujb.jpg  photo 101_zpsrheluni4.jpg  photo 57_zpspkrpwzj4.jpg  photo 46_zpsabchuiyy.jpg  photo 35_zpsbqahsxbb.jpg  photo 12_zpsc8tb29bb.jpg  photo 25_zpszlsw83t3.jpg  photo 20_zpspjcyiuv9.jpg  photo 103_zpssrwcl74w.jpg  photo 11_zpsqo3njax1.jpg

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