Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 photo 53_zpsd4ae2685.jpg I was nervous I have to admit. One because I hate flying, I hate that I have no control over airbus filled with people I can't trust for 10 hours at 30,000 feet. Two, the horror stories about Brazil. I heard be careful everyday for 3 months. Why Brazil? Its sketchy.SO!!??? Did I make a mistake buying a flight to Sao Paulo to a have a little fun and or breath of fresh air… HELLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOO!!!!! I didn't. From the moment I arrived I was stoked! Lost in translation YES, but surround by BIG butts, good food, non judgmental people, artists/art, did I say great food,and the coldest beers I've ever had. I have to admit the poverty there is the worst I've ever seen, but at the same time looking past the ALL TERRAIN SOCKS AND FEET, the smell of poop, and the crazy crack rambles, they were the nicest people I've met. They do dirt and we do dirt..Thats the mentality, Mind your damn business. THIS WAS MY KIND OF PLACE. Everything from Trannies, yes I said trannies (no touchy but funny to look at), to painting beautiful pieces, to old school hip hop turntable nights, the 300 pixacio meetup, to the cold beers, to sunday afternoon breezes served with a side of Fejioda, to unicycles and psych class, to fill ins dayside, to toothless Pucky, to fish head soup under the bridge, to paint stained hands, to late night chicken sandwiches, to the worm we walked, and to so many memories, I must go back….. THIS place is where its at, yes you have to watch your back, yes its corrupt, yes its not cheap, yes the woman are beautiful, yes!!!!! It's rad!!!!

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