Friday, March 14, 2014


BUTTA PECAN RICANS!!! As I turn the big 26…..I mean 36????? 4 friends and I decided to fly to Puerto Rico for a few days…It has to be one of the best trips I've ever taken… Cold Medallas..Sana and the bathroom blues..Visiting El Batey and staring at my future self…I've got five on it Mr.Danny…So many shrimp I got Iodine poising.. Ceviche House..Hustling for beach chairs and slipping past security.. Hip Hop clubs and salsa dancing….while AUTO screams ALLAH..Old ruby….Cock fights!! So Insane!!!!! Forts and Sea Urchins…Weekend at Bernies….!!!!! LA perla...Mofongo, Ox Tail, Jerk Chicken, more Medalla, More Mofongo, Skirt Steak..Laughs, and more laughs…MR. DANNY..Anyone seen my phone or my stickers…Im out of stickers!!!! To my close friends I never want to come home…Til next year!!!!  photo 26_zps3335175a.jpg  photo 16_zpsdafc46c6.jpg  photo 17_zps3c4b0485.jpg  photo 19_zpsa6012694.jpg  photo 21_zpsba3dcba4.jpg  photo 22_zpsbd6e09db.jpg  photo 5_zps98693781.jpg  photo 11_zps971d56e2.jpg  photo 9_zps5754694a.jpg  photo 10_zps32e7a908.jpg  photo 18_zps15e4e9f8.jpg

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